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WSOPC Potawatomi Main Event — Richard Bai Takes Title – Richard BaiThe $1,700 World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event Potawatomi wrapped up with Richard Bai, a player from Chicago, winning the first prize of $138,317. There were a total of 447 entrants in the second Main Event at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee this year, and Bai managed to top the list.

He already has a lot of experience playing in WSOPC tournaments, and this is his second gold ring. Apart from the money, Bai also received a paid seat in the 2020 WSOPC Global Championship.

The story of Richard Bai and his part in this tournament is really amazing, as he did not always believe that he would be able to win the gold ring.

There were only four players left at the final table, and Bai was very short-stacked. He said that he felt he was destined to win fourth place and go home. In fact, he was down to only nine blinds, and he himself prepared to leave the tournament as soon as he lost all the chips.

However, the hand of destiny was protecting him, and he ended up winning the tournament.

A hand that made him short-stacked was played against James Pupillo as Bai’s pocket queens were two-outed by Pupillo’s rivered jacks. Bai admitted to being frustrated at that point, but he also said that he wanted to remain calm and not let that “super standard” hand affect his performance.

Bai decided to go all-in with pocket sevens. On the other side, Pupillo had the Big Slick, and an ace came on the flop.

Bai understood that it was his demise and slowly started thinking about going home, as he was sure that he was going to hit the rail after the hand. However, another seven rivered, and the faith turned around to Bai’s favor.

He then managed to get enough chips and return to the game. Needless to say, the element of luck switched sides, and Bai became the faith’s favorite, as he managed to emerge a winner in the end.

The Final Table

A total of 10 players were at the final table. George Pappas from Park Ridge, Ill., finished 10th, winning $10,037. He was followed by Michael Esquivel from Clarendon Hills, Ill., who managed to win $12,478.

Eighth place went to Jack Tcolese from Niles, Ill., and the reward for that position was $15,742. Brett Apter from St. Petersburg, Fla., ended up in seventh place for $20,151, while Nikolas Stone from Auburndale, Wisc., ended up sixth, winning $26,167.

Jorden Helstern, who comes from Oak Lawn, Ill., ended up fifth and won #34,460, and, as previously mentioned, Pupillo ended up fourth, winning $46,017.

Henry Zou from Saginaw, Mich., finished third, and he won $62,298. The last opponent to Bai was Matthew Levin from Northbrook, Ariz. Levin won a total of $85,488 as the runner-up.