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WSOP Plans to Launch WSOP+ APP During WSOP Paradise
The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has thousands of fans from all over the world. It regularly organizes exciting tournaments that attract novice and experienced players. Yet, the poker operator intends to launch the WSOP+ app in this winter’s WSOP Paradise.

Even so, some gaming experts predict that the app will also return for next year’s series in the summer. WSOP is improving its signup and gameplay processes to offer players a better live poker experience.WSOP PARADISE

WSOP previously allowed games to sign up for its online events and get live poker tournaments’ details through the Bravo application. But, the live WSOP+ app is likely to be accessible to everyone in WSOP 2024.

Las Vegas will host the WSOP in six months’ time. Therefore, WSOP Paradise helps the operator to test its WSOP+ app to detect flaws and improve it before WSOP 2024.

More Details About WSOP+?

WSOP replaced the Bravo app with WSOP+. It has the following features:

  • Event registration
  • Live tournament clock
  • WSOP Push alerts
  • Real-time WSOP data

The application allows a player to easily access the live tournament clock of any ongoing WSOP event including prize pool, the running level and remaining players. Therefore, one can easily select tournaments with the highest playing value.

WSOP+ offers players push notifications that alert players on events that will begin shortly hence allowing them to compete in their favorite tournaments. Still, the application allows gamers to grow their bankroll and sign up for online events before players who cannot access the app.

The app improves each player’s WSOP experience. WSOP plans to launch three promotions worth over $2,000 for players who will try the gaming app in its first phase.

WSOP+ Limited Offers

WSOP+ gives players extra value when they install the application and compete in the highly anticipated WSOP Paradise. Players can pick any of these offers;

  • Offer No.1; a $16,500 Giveaway
  • Offer No.2; a Free Mystery Millions seat
  • Offer No.3; Free 11 Nights at Atlantis Resort

Offer No.1 is accessible up to November 29. It grants gamers an opportunity to win an entry into the $1,650 Mystery Millions without risk. They have to download the application and open a gaming account.

Offer No.2 is for players who will compete in WSOP Paradise and are eager to try WSOP+ app’s full features. It requires them to deposit $31,000 in theirWSOP Prize accounts, and the poker operator will award them a $1,650 Mystery Millions seat. Moreover, it is appropriate for individuals who will compete in several WSOP Paradise tournaments.

Offer No.3 will be worth $10,000, and it suits high-stakes players. Players need to deposit $150,000 in their gaming accounts to get 11 free nights at Paradise Island’s Atlantis Resort. The suite costs $1,000 per night.

Will WSOP+ Return to Las Vegas?

WSOP hasn’t announced that it will offer WSOP+ in WSOP 2024. But it launched it to streamline WSOP experiences. Its success in WSOP Paradise can make the operator offer the app in next year’s poker series.