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The second event in the season 2018-2019 for World Series of Poker Circuit has ended in Foxwoods with the conclusion of the main event. The man who emerged victorious in this $1,700 Main Event is Gordon Wilcox, and the managed to claim the ring along with a nice sum of $169,052. There were a total of 519 entrants, and Wilcox managed to make it to the final table through tough competition. Nevertheless, he managed to have the biggest stack of chips all the way through until the last play day. This is certainly a great victory for Wilcox as it is worth more than his lifetime of cashes won in the tournaments. Namely, he has earned so far approximately $54,000, which means that this prize is three times that sum.

Nice Field of Players in a Large Tournament

There were a total of 54 paid places in the tournament, and some of the names that pop out and made it to the pay list are Todd Rebello, Samuel Taylor, Dave Stefanski, Randy Pisane, Roland Israelashvili, and Nick Pupillo who won the Circuit two times himself. All of the players mentioned above made did not make it to the final table. Pupillo though that he could do it this time again, but it was tough luck for him as he was almost sure that he is going to win the hand with his double aces, but lost to a hand that had the king and ten of diamonds.

On the other hand, Wilcox managed to gain the chip lead against Gulano Lentini with his aces over Lentini’s kings. At that moment, he got a pot worth 120 big blinds. Another great hand was played against Shane Howeth who had to satisfy with the 10th place. Howeth went all in during the pre-flop and managed to flop a set of tens, only to lose to Wilcox who had a chance to find an ace in the river. At this point, Wilcox returned the chip lead on the final day and was ready to enter the final table as the chip leader. This was a huge deal for him as he had a psychological advantage over other players on the final table.

The final action was between Gordon Wilcox and Jason Bolton. Both of them were eager to win, but Wilcox still had this huge chip stack on his side. He was leading 5-1 when it comes to the number of chips. This meant that Bolton certainly had to work his way through to win some for him, but it turned out in the and that Wilcox was the one to win. Bolton did not want to risk, and after more than 30 hands he went all in with ace-six only to confront Wilcox’s ace-nine. Bolton had to hit the rail placed 2nd and managed to take a nice sum of $104,576.