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888poker XL Winter SeriesThe month of December is reserved for 888poker’s new online poker tournament called XL Winter Series, which comes with more than $1 million in guaranteed prizes and 34 events. It started on Dec. 10 and will wrap up on Dec. 20, with the Main Event being the peak of the series.

There were four events taking place on the fourth day of the series, so let’s take a look at how they unfolded and who received the biggest prize.

XL Winter #10 – $50,000 Tune Up

The 10th event of the series offered $50,000 in guaranteed prizes and required a buy-in of just $55. This resulted in 1,085 players who contributed to the final prize pool, which was $54,250.

After 10 hours of intensive poker action, a player nicknamed “pereleman” representing Belarus managed to top the event, winning a total of $9,819. Their final opponent was a player from Russia who uses the online moniker “Thundy100,” and third place was reserved for “FlushJeZus,” who decided not to reveal their country.

The final table featured players such as Charlie Combes and Adam Neal, both very experienced poker players. However, they failed to make it past sixth place.

XL Winter #11 – $30,000 Mini Tune Up

The Mini Tune Up also took place on Dec. 13, and it required the entrants to pay only $16.50 to take part in the competition that offered a prize pool of $30,000. A total of 1,943 players applied in the end, but they failed to surpass the guaranteed prize, as the event required 57 more players for that.

The most successful player of this event was nicknamed “SirHennie,” and they didn’t reveal the country they were representing. “SirHennie” won a total of $5,100 as the first-placed player, winning against Russia’s “ArmenUNO.228” in the heads-up play.

The Russian had to settle for the consolation prize of $3,750. UK’s “300dVaper” ended up in third place, winning a total of $2,847.

XL Winter #12 – $10,000 Micro Tune Up

The Micro Tune Up event offered $10,000 in guaranteed prizes, and the 2,221 entries who applied managed to crush that number, making the prize pool of $11,105. In the end, it was Russia’s “Comical_Life” who won the first prize, claiming a total of $1,877.

They faced Canada’s “Frincesse02” in the heads-up play, but the Canadian had to settle for $1,335. The bronze medal went to a player from Belarus nicknamed “Tivun.”

XL Winter #13 – $20,000 Late Tune Up

The last event of the day attracted a total of 409 players who needed to pay $55 buy-in to take part in it. The prize pool was $20,450, and the player who won the lion’s share was “888recall” who didn’t share their country.

They faced Romania’s “ilicinnnnn” in the heads-up, but the Romanian had to settle for the consolation prize of $2,965. Third place belonged to “Sniper2020” from Moldova, who won a total of $2,250.