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A $600 Main Event ended Hard Rock’s RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) on Sunday night. The tournament had 649 players who formed a $100,000 prize pool. But, the leading 81 finalists shared $337,480.Pete Petree Poker

Pete Petree from Oklahoma won $62,911 and a title after beating all his opponents. This was the largest score in his professional poker career.

The poker pro revealed after the tournament that he was glad to have the stack lead at the table and wasn’t in a rush to bet it. The Hendon Mob indicates that Petree’s lifetime poker earnings before his latest win were $125,225.

He won the 2017 Tulsa RGPS Pot-Limit Omaha and a World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit ring.

Petree won a seat to Thunder Valley and can take part in The PokerGO Tour $1,000,000 freeroll. He said that his wife will enjoy visiting California.

What Were The Top Players’ Prizes?

  1. Pete Petree from Broken Arrow- $62,911
  2. Sam Panzica from Deadwood – $39,350
  3. Grant Hart from Conway – $29,091
  4. Mark Martin from Dexter – $21,767
  5. Nikhil Behl from Tulsa – $16,469
  6. James Herderhorst from Kansas City – $12,622
  7. Travis Speck from Wichita Falls – $9,821
  8. Jeff Tolbert from Broken Arrow – $7,728
  9. Joseph Gargiulo from Port Charlotte – $6,176

How Things Unfolded The Last Day

The final day had slow early eliminations, but they drastically increased after 60 players were left. Some of the busted players included Keith Jeffrey, Duster Ellis, Brian Frenzel, Sandra Main, Caitlin Comeskey, Ashley Frank, and Kris Burchfield.

Kyle Michael busted the final table’s money bubble after Jeff Tolbert’s king-queen beat his ace-five. The latter won $4,961.

Several players exited the tournament in one hand, including Tolbert, who was the stack leader when the table’s action kicked off. Unfortunately, Petree’s kings defeated his ace-king and reduced his stack to two big blinds.

Tolbert went all in from the first position before Martin and Petree called him. Travis Speck, the short stack at that moment, went all-in from a small blind that Martin folded out and Petree called. The latter’s ten-nine suited improved against Speck’s ace-king suited and Tolbert’s ace-jack offsuit hence increasing his chips and sending Tolbert packing in the eighth position.

James Herderhorst got busted in seventh place in a multiway pot that he made a flush with Grant Hart. He had jack-eight of hearts on the three-hearts board before making an eight big blinds all-in move.

Yet, Hart used king-ten of hearts to go all-in for another nut flush, ending Herderhorst’s run. Nikhil Behl finished fifth when he went in with four big blinds, but three opponents called him and checked down the board. Martin’s pair of seven beat his ace-high hence eliminating him.

Martin’s queens held Hart’s ace-king suited, hence doubling up. The latter improved to the second chip position, and the former’s stack was reduced. Martin flopped a straight using ten-nine suited, but Petree’s king-ten made a greater straight on the turn.

Things changed when Martin failed to get a river chop and left the table in the fourth position. Hart followed him in third place after losing an ace on the river and jack on the flop to Panzica.

His exit set up a heads-up battle between Panzica and Petree. The two finalists put all their chips in as Panzica’s king-queen held Petree’s ace-king. But Panzica finished second with $39,350.

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