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Rattlesnake Open Now Underway

Global Poker has brought back one of its biggest events as the Rattlesnake Open VII began on May 6th, and that action will continue until May 26th. It has been a popular event and should generate plenty of excitement and intrigue yet again. 

There are some massive guarantees available to the players at the Rattlesnake Open VII, which is one reason the players come in droves to compete in this event. This event is a bit different from others in this sport as there won’t be any prize money handed out. 

Instead, players are simply competing for a chance to win coins or rewards at Global Poker, and that can allow them to enter events throughout the year. Some tournaments at this event aren’t going to have as big of a guarantee as others, but the action will still be tremendous. 

Global Poker might not be the best or biggest name in this industry, but it can certainly compete with other top sites when it’s time for the Rattlesnake Open. Gold Coins and Sweep Coins will be the main prizes handed out to the winners, but there are some Rattlesnake Open trophies to check out as well. 

Action Now Underway

Even though this event was technically slated to start on May 6th, there was an opportunity to begin play even earlier. A freeroll event took place on May 5th, and players competed for some coins and free entries into some of the other top tournaments. 

This will be a common theme throughout the Rattlesnake Open, as freerolls will take place every Saturday and Sunday until the event ends. Global Poker wants to involve as many players as possible, and those freeroll tournaments will be the best way to get that done. 

Mystery Bounty events will take place every Saturday during this tournament, which is a chance for players to cash in right away. Along with Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin tournaments, there will also be some that come with a prize pack for Global Poker swag. 

Checking out the Schedule

Since this is one of the marquee events from Global Poker, there will be some great tournaments taking place throughout this event. While the full schedule is now posted at Global Poker, players will have to decide if they want to compete in Gold of Sweeps Coin events. 

There will be 3-4 different events taking place every day during this series, with multiple different game styles. The schedule will look similar regardless of whether a player wants to check out the Gold Coin or Sweeps Coin events. 

Very few online poker tournaments offer opportunities to win freerolls and site credit; therefore, this is a great offer from Global Poker.